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Inland Empire Boot Camp Grocery Shopping Tours

Are you confused about what to eat?

· Does your head spin when you read labels like No Carb, Low Carb, & Net Carb?
· Which is better low fat or Sugar Free?

Will someone please just show me what to eat!

If you live in the Inland Empire, our “Women Only” outdoor Fitness Boot Camp, will give you those answers through an enlightening supermarket shopping tour.
You will learn how to read food labels and read past the fancy packages. You will also leave with an understanding about what low fat, light, less, lower and other food labels really mean.

Based upon you what you learn in class we will pick out the best choices available for such crowd favorites as Cookies, Chips, Ice Cream, Pasta, Cereal, Frozen Dinners, Protein Bars, Crackers, Bread and Tortillas.Sign Up 4 Boot Camp

You will finally understand how to make better choices like, butter or margarine, frozen or fresh, low fat or low carb and more. You will even learn how to stop dieting and eat MORE real food straight from the grocery store!

Choosing wholesome and nutritious foods to nourish you and your family’s bodies will be an enjoyable and understandable process at the end of the hour.

Sign Up 4 Boot CampOnce and for all, be able to intelligently choose the foods that will energize you, work to boost your metabolism and quite possibly help you feel the best you have in your life.

Pre-registration Required

Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee applies to those individuals that have participated in the class:

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Class is Scheduled once payment is received.

Individual Classes are available across the Inland Empire

Directions, Work Sheets and Store Location will be sent by E-mail to you once payment is received.

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